Wednesday, December 26

Jill: The Snow White Bride Part II

So, for the first of many updates, Jill and Matt's beautiful wedding took place at the Chapel on the Creeks featured below. It was a lovely ceremony enjoyed by all!

Here is one of her bridal portraits which was displayed at the reception. (I snuck a picture of it. :-) Don't tell.) Isn't she just gorgeous!?!?!

Here are the love-birds during their ceremony. I know! I know! It's not technically proper to take pictures during a wedding, but they were so precious and in love, they never knew I took their picture. Also, I was far enough back that I didn't disturb any of the guests or family...I promise!!! :-)
Here are the happy bride and groom leaving as man and wife!
Everything about Jill's special day was elegant and tasteful!

Here's the groom's cake! Don't you love the reindeer?

Here are some of the most fun guests at the party! This is my twin sister, Jennifer, and her boyfriend, Jake. Aren't they a great couple?

I just had to get a picture with Jill. I'm not sure you can appreciate her dress in this photo, but it was exquisite! She could have worn a paper sack and she would have been a sight to behold, but her dress was so pretty. Okay, so one more thing...guess where Snow White went on her honey moon with her prince charming? Disney World!!!!!!! No kidding folks! That's where they went. The fairy tale is complete. And they lived happily ever after...


Kelly said...

I LOVE her dress!!!!! If I could re-pick my dress - that is EXACTLY what I would want! She looks so pretty! You both do! :-)

Leigh Ann said...

I am so happy you visited my blog! I have actually been reading yours from the link on Kelly's page, even before I started mine. I loved the tour of your house and Christmas pretty! I have to tell you I noticed how pretty you always look in all the pictures I have seen of you! I look forward to reading more!

aWare said...

Your blog is so super cute! Your home is lovely! Soak up the vacation!