Wednesday, January 16

The Wedding, New Family, and a Homecoming!

Well, to all of my two or so readers, I apologize for the delay in getting anything posted for quite some time now. I have wanted to make this post really nice and I haven't even had time to post at all...please forgive me. I hope that you enjoy these pictures and the narrative about my Dad and Kris's lovely wedding day. I am so thrilled to get to write about their special day and how beautiful it was! I am also thrilled to announce that they are moving to ARKANSAS!!!!! YEAH!!!! Oddly enough, Dad just recently got an opportunity to come back to Arkansas. They'll be moving to Little Rock and I can't wait!!!!!!! New Jersey was just too far away, but it was a picturesque location for their wedding and first home together.

The First Presbyterian Church of Lambertville, New Jersey. The history is so rich in this precious, little, colonial town. Here's a fun fact: One of George Washington's spies is buried in the graveyard next to this church! WOW!

Sorry for my history-nerdiness (usually I leave that to my husband, Nathan, who LOVES history), but I couldn't resist capturing the fascinating information contained in this church! This document, which was found in the church sanctuary, gives the birth and death dates of the church's founding members. Check it out...1775 and 1777!! WOAH!

This is the Lambertville City Hall which Nathan and I just happened upon one day as we were taking a stroll through town. It turns out that Dad and Kris got their marriage license here and it is another historical hot-spot, constructed in 1849.
Original stained glass

Here are a couple of Kris's "old, new, borrowed, and blue. " Her something old were the handkerchiefs which were from her grandmother. Her something new was her gorgeous dress. :-) Her something borrowed were these gloves from her sweet friend Sally. I cry every time I think about this sweet gesture because Sally is a true friend...she loaned Kris these gloves since she could not be there with her on her wedding day so that she could "hold her hand" through the day. Isn't that one of the sweetest things you've ever heard?!?!?! Finally, her something blue was her garder which her grandmother hand-made.

Here is Kris's bouquet. It was so perfect! It was precious and petit just like her!

Kris has the sweetest friends...I have to tell you about Debb as well! You can probably tell that she is holding up one little flower. Her close friend Debb who she worked with for years sent her a vase of flowers and instructed her to add just one of the flowers from the bouquet to her personal bouquet so that Debb could "be with her" on her special day. What a sweet friend! Debb ordered the flowers all the way from Minnessota, but even managed to find the same florist that Kris used in Lambertville and it was all a great surprise for Kris on her wedding day! Here we all are! My sister Jennifer, brother Christopher, Kris, Dad, and me.

Here she is with her Mom and Dad. Grandma and Grandpa are so sweet! Yeah for new grandparents!!!!
The happy couple

Waving in Sally's gloves as they leave the church

Yummy wedding and birthday cake (You may not remember, but it was my Dad's birthday as well as their wedding day!) What a great birthday gift! Here is another picture that I thought was so sweet. You can see mother and daughter holding hands so sweetly there in the middle of the picture. I am so thankful for the people in this picture. Family is such a blessing!

And...last, but certainly not least...more new family. These are my new cousins! I haven't met them yet, but Kris loves them dearly, so we do as well. This is Megan, Katie, Joey, Zach, and Tyler.
We love you Dad and Kris! We are so thankful for you both and were blessed to share in your day! I can't wait for you to get to Arkansas!!!!


Kelly said...

I loved this Elizabeth!!!!! I love that I got to hear all of this before and then see it again!!!

Leigh Ann said...

What a pretty bride! I love her dress! Sounds like it was a perfect day. I'm so excited for you that they will be so much closer! Yeah!

Meredith said...

Awww that is so sweet! I'm glad ya'll had a great time! She does seem so sweet!

His Doorkeeper said...

Sometimes you can just tell gracious people....and your Dad's new wife looks so sweet and gracious! I just loved her dress and those flowers were perfect! Thanks for sharing your family's wonderful occasion with all of us! Congratulations and blessings to all of you!

Katie said...

Hi Elizabeth...this is your new cousin Katie!! My grandma told me about your blog online so I wanted to take a look. I really loved your blog about the wedding. We are all very excited to meet you, Jennifer, Christopher, and family!! We enjoyed meeting Kent and getting to know him. We are very pleased that he is now a part of our family.

Elizabeth Smith said...

Katie! I'm so glad you found out about the blog! Thank you for writing. I can't wait to meet you all, as well. We loved getting to meet Grandma and Grandpa. They are precious! I'm hoping something might work out during Spring Break for us all to meet up in Little Rock because Kris told me that you might be coming for a visit? Kris has had the sweetest things to say about you, your sister, and brother, and your little cousins. We can't wait to get to know you! Take care and enjoy your weekend!