Thursday, January 31

Congratulations Mike and Stephanie!!!

I want to send out a big congratulations to Mike and Stephanie...they're going to have a baby!!! Stephanie is one of Nathan's beautiful cousins and one of my dearest friends. We are so excited that the Lord is going to bless this great and Godly couple with a child! They will make the best parents!
(*FYI: These are some fun photos we took last year when they came to visit us. They came the weekend of St. Patrick's Day and we had a blast. :-))


Kelly said...

They are cute!!! Congratulations!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your SNOW DAY!!!! Hopefully you will get one tomorrow also!

lucyrhodes said...

Hey Girl, It sure was fun to click on your blog and see two beautiful girls who happen to be related to me and then to see two hunky guys who also happen to be related to me. (Some of my favorite people in those two photos) It's so good to know that Stephanie's baby news is now official. I had heard it from Grandmother, but wasn't sure when it was being officially announced. I am thrilled for them and for all the rest of us two. Babies are the most fun that our family has. I need some deets from her - when she is due, what she is having, is she going to be at PJ this year. Anna and David will be there unless Catherine is pregnant again and on bedrest. :-) And, hey, Nana and Papa could still bring Anna and David, right? Great news and great pictures. Love, Aunt Lou

stephanie said...

Elizabeth, this is SO sweet of you to post for us. We are so excited, especially knowing all of the great family this little one will get to know and love. Aren't we blessed with wonderful fam?? I just love you and am so thankful you are a part of it - you add so much and we are blessed to have you!

All our love, from Mike, Steph, and Baby Pruitt